I do not normally critique content being made by the establishments propaganda machine but this film was different. In the recent decades of film making we have watched story be sacrificed for CGI. Which is an indoctrination on its own frontier and we as a species will need to navigate the world of see it to believe without a paddle.

The Spaceshipper 🚀 on Twitter: "Dune (2021): Orni… "

Back to talking about Dune and why it was made to be a halfway decent piece of film. This has not been allowed for so long that seeing the film Dune took me a moment to understand its purpose. This intergalactic sand worm of a wet dream is introducing the human race to alien politics, interstellar politics, space politics. Do you see it now?

As I move through different categories of information the space information is probably the strongest propaganda being integrated into mankind in the modern day. (2000’s-2021 Now)

Tell the children that going into space is what will save us and that it is professionally equivalent to the status of a new doctor, engineer and other prestigious groups of various degree.

(Degree, funny word, like Freemason Degree’s?)

Dune movie's first 10 minutes and Zendaya's key role, revealed - Polygon
That is one big ass Iris. See it? See it?

Mark my words that this empty space place is where things are at and where things are going. I personally think the journey inward is more magnificent than any form of travel outward. It also appears that we will be wasting what we send into space as far as resources go. One day we will learn the lesson that rockets shaped like a massive boner are not the answer. Although, today we are witnessing every American billionaire race each other to the edge of space. (Elon Musk, SpaceSEX / Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin / Richard Branson, Virgin GalacDICK)

Model of Jeff Bezos' rocket that looks like a sex toy is $69
(Nice sex toy Jeffy)

Dune also contained the re-re-repeated story of the chosen one. Which we all know Donald Trump called himself ‘I am the chosen one.” as he turned away from the media cameras and microphones and looked toward the sky.

I am hopeful that the regular common folks will rise to the occasion of really analyzing the environment they call home, mother Earth. Before we blow our load on trying to send trillions into space.

Currently, here on Earth we are witnessing the worst event to ever happen to humanity unfold. It is being crammed down our throat as tricky, fearful and forceful as possible. Millions losing their income and any hope of a job. Millions more are being coerced into taking some fun experimental potion our science lords have created for us. When it is pretty damn clear more people are getting sick from the cure than the actual virus. Our leaders are moving as fast as possible to cripple the thinking individual.

As this new reset is taking place the space politics will come into play. Not in the way you would think, but they will be here. These people, if you can call them that, only ever come at the population sideways. The conditioning that the Dune movies will bring will assist in the transition over the next 5-10 years if not sooner. Space Force for a reason folks.

Here is one example of the space conditioning bombarding your brain, and everyone else’s. Think back, StarTrek started in September 8, 1966. It is happening NOW.

US Space Force logo looks like one from Star Trek - BBC News

Other space topics being introduced to our minds are comets and asteroids impacting the Earth.

More conditioning,

Starship Troopers': One of the Most Misunderstood Movies Ever - The Atlantic

You think nothing of the movies, music and any other content for that matter. You believe it is all just for fun, winning best actor rewards. Living a Hollywood lifestyle which 99% of American’s believe is The American Dream.

The fact of the matter is that this is not the case. There is a very real reason behind everything being presented to you. Everything the politicians squawk at you is part of the same propaganda. Things are fixing to move in this direction quickly. Are you the dummy helping it along? By believing that movies just so happen to reflect the reality of space. A place only a handful of people have ever traveled to. Yet we knew what it looked like, what it was and where it will go in the future. Space travel is an extension of the television screen and still is in my opinion.

You and I are being sold a trillion dollar lie. It is hard to face the facts but it will be required of you if you are ever going to truly grown while in this form. The endless distraction is in your face 24/7 on purpose. Reality Fear Earth TV is acquiring thousands of new viewers every day. We will see how far into the nightmare the dreamers will actually take us.

Mother fucking space politics… Mother fucking space politics.


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