Everyone today is an expert in political knowledge. Knowledge is power, right? Unfortunately, the people know nothing and keeping it that way is priority.

As the United States is rendered into a country that is harboring it’s own version of the modern terrorist, no one is “safe”. Rights seem to be all that the people care about. Rights without responsibilities. Getting everything for free so that work means absolutely nothing to average Jo-M-erry.

Corruption is so wide spread that it penetrates every ounce of community and no one seems to want to register it. As the kings of the stage take everyone for a walk in the wrong direction our future and the future of our offspring quickly fades into the noise.

Personally, I cannot stand the conversations taking place. I have grown into being an observer of life and am almost loathing what I see and hear. Wishing things were different in a good way looks like the extent of anyone’s well wishes.

Do you know what the world stage is up to? Imagine the best magician known to mankind mixed with Disney’s very own Mickey Mouse. Dressed in the full garb. Hat, cape, and wand to put the masses to sleep. Using the shapes on the screen to mesmerize and hypnotize the unconscious mind into merging with the conscious. People dream of the day that zombie bodies reanimate to rise and form ranks of mass machine like chaos. We are not for from that very thing and it is you and I who are the zombie.

The bottom is preparing to drop out on the entire dreaming public. All the children in their adult bodies believing they can do all the adult things miss the mark. The consequences are no longer considered and instant gratification is the new norm. Sex, drugs, new age thinking and rock and roll are being absorbed into the lifestyle of anyone and are the foundation for any role model.

We drank from the cup and swallowed, no, chugged the whole bottle. The famous cheering us on all along in the name of success. So much so that depression has become standard along with behavioral disorders being diagnosed on the regular.

You think your different?

Sorry, we all drank the Kool Aid and we are about to trip hard. You might even classify it as a fall. What will this Fall bring? With a celebrity as President and sickening acts performed by the rich and famous rulers being unveiled as their religion. I am seeing the stink rise from the thoughts of those who surround me and it is not pretty. My own self destruction becomes a plausible solution.

I wish you the best even when things are at their worst. Do you think it will matter? Even wishing is on the same side as magic. Some know the answer and pray for their own salvation while billions of others are left out. Again, it is all about me-I-man.

Good luck out there.

Think without being told what to think about.

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