Year: 2019

  • Political Monsters

    Everyone today is an expert in political knowledge. Knowledge is power, right? Unfortunately, the people know nothing and keeping it that way is priority. As the United States is rendered into a country that is harboring it’s own version of the modern terrorist, no one is “safe”. Rights seem to be all that the people […]

  • All of the children are drunk ass clowns.

    Did you ever see Pinocchio? The Disney version of the story has a scene where all the children who think they are grown up start to drink and find themselves turning into donkeys. This film was made before I was even born. 1940, 25 years before I was even a zygote in my mothers tummy. […]

  • What is time?

    time keeps all things

    Time, what is time? If you had the ability to jump into the future would you do it? Would you go back to the past? If you had would you even notice? Is time inherent to memory and would you find that something had to be imprinted in your minds eye if you did make […]

  • Little Bitch of a Serpent

    Snake getting ready to trick you and eat your dumbass

    So it all started with an apple, eh? One bite tripped us into falling into a world where we now program in bytes. What are we doing with the time we have living? Did you ever notice that everything we do or create has to be done in a linear fashion? Everything seems to have […]

  • Feeling the feeling

    fire, sky, rage, burn

    I cannot help but feel my stomach tearing me apart. Left laying in a dreamless state of lost thought. A vortex of a bottomless pit seems to gather all my energy. Loneliness invades my heart as I force feed myself as much positivity as I can muster. What the fuck is this all for? Does […]

  • Mad world

    rain, falling, sadness, hurt, monster, how

    Yes, it is a song but isn’t it also true? We try so hard to make sense of each day and even take on the character of the fool. Pretending to be capable of planning for our future. Giving money our attention so that we might acquire happiness through transaction. Mad as fuck… When giving […]