I cannot help but feel my stomach tearing me apart. Left laying in a dreamless state of lost thought. A vortex of a bottomless pit seems to gather all my energy. Loneliness invades my heart as I force feed myself as much positivity as I can muster.

What the fuck is this all for? Does it make me a better soul?

The unthinkable is real and the roll does not match the altitude of my vehicle. Stuck trying to correct my pitch and send myself plunging again in thought. The ground seems to be shifting beneath my feet. The sole where I meet can never harken the truth.

Shut the fuck up, I say to myself in the unconscious.

I ask for everything to be alright. For the good to surface from its submerged untruths. Nothing aside from vanquishing my thirst for supplement just to keep on moving. Planning is meaningless now. Patience is everything. Even still, I cannot comprehend the desolation taking place in the world that I occupy. Freedom is all that remains when there is nothing left to lose.

Is hope garbage or is it somehow the truth.

Fix this broken record and the kingdom be self soothed. Ride the title waves of erosion crashing beyond and through. Break that which cannot be mended and forgive me too.

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