Time, what is time? If you had the ability to jump into the future would you do it? Would you go back to the past? If you had would you even notice? Is time inherent to memory and would you find that something had to be imprinted in your minds eye if you did make the jump?

Jumping into anything seems to at least accelerate time. I find that I can lose myself for hours on end when I am working on any project and my day zooms toward the end before I ever noticed a beginning.

Is our life linear or could it be a series of happenings that take place yet we do not know when they had. We simply assume it was our past because we call it the past?

This writer struggles with the concepts of reality and lives on the edge of normal. At the tipping point where the mind could lose itself and become an entirely different person without difficulty. Losing all you have ever given your love to seems to assist in such a mindset. I find that if you are loved by me you will be so close that you must propel yourself as far away as humanly possible. Taking with you my dignity and strength.

Hopelessness might be a strength if you really consider it. You might be at your most humble selfless self if you just gave up. Not saying to give in by any means because that might just take you away from yourself. If that is what you are looking for then proceed, I just do not recommend it.

Have you ever heard of the mandela effect? If not, I would recommend taking a taste and seeing what you come up with. I am definitely confused by the concept but am also in an astonished state of awe. Not knowing yet needing to continue in time is a maddening reality that not even you could gain an ounce of control within.

If your timeline were changed and you existed in a new state how could you know? Why is that even important?

I have found people changing entirely within and becoming a new person and not always in a good way. In fact, it is a happening I have seen and been filled with sickness to this date because of what I have seen. What I have loved, past tense.

I wish life were something that I understood and could even provide advice about. However, I am in the opposite boat. I am lost at sea and flailing in the current and being swallowed by the waves. I have not yet sunk but I have wanted to. I do consider that it is more interesting just to see where this boat lands. If it ever sees land. If so, will that bring what I give or will it be more memories that fade into the wind. Leaving me with only a skewed outlook on reality.

Give it some time. Some real time. You might find yourself being played by time.

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