This is an honest review of the content being released in ST4. I will give you a perspective unlike the rest. It could be possible that people are waking up to the very fake reality we occupy and they are reporting the shit straight to you. I guess we will find out.

I will add to this post as I move through the season. Obviously I am not someone who would pay for Netflix because of the trash they push as their entertainment, yet it is definitely heavy ass propaganda.

Season 4 – Episode 1

Review Date 05/30/2022

Boobies! Everyone likes the boobies…
The season starts with 11 (El) giving an overview on the characters. They are ‘acting strange’. Obviously the children are now old enough to all be completely consumed by penis and vagina or penis and penis. Here they went with vagina and vagina and how widely accepted it all is.

Because the world (the propaganda machine) wants everyone to always be thinking that sex is the only thing which matters and your life should consist of sex sex sex. (xxx)

In America we are surrounded by sex. At the start of the 2020 pandemic we even saw PornHub giving out free memberships to help people deal with the 2 weeks to flatten the curb bull shit. We are still flattening that curve by the way. And I am willing to bet we have not seen the last of these lockdowns.

Lockdowns are responsible for many many deaths, suicides and mental health issues. Not to mention the broken food chain of the human race. We will soon be starving and will blame Russia for it. When it was some other players all along.

Right out of the gate, the season is unlike the others. There is blood all over the place. Killing to get the ball rolling. The Duffer brothers used their creative might to have 11 (El) kill everyone, even the children of the hospital she was raised in. (or made in, who really gives a shit?)

Let’s think back to Season 3,

“The week is long. The silver cat feeds when blue meets yellow in the west. A trip to China sounds nice if you tread lightly.”

-Stranger Things 3

Here is a fun image to get you thinking a bit more about the things happening on TV and the happenings of the world or reality we live in.

flag of Ukraine | Britannica
blue meets yellow in the west.
As of today, 40 Billion dollars.

Later on one of the female school girls starts to hallucinate while puking in the toilet. She later starts to see clocks in trees that are broken with bugs on them. But have no fear, these are only hallucinations… for now.

She asks the question.

Do you ever feel like you are losing your mind?

Reminds me of the Matrix 4. Neo tells himself that he is losing his mind too. What a theme we are seeing here. I am also willing to bet each and every one of us, here in the illusion of LIfE are going to experience this same thing too. Quite possibly, collectively.

Jane, or El (11) as the audience knows her is so happy to be where she is at, doing what she is doing. However, it starts to become very apparent that she is the school nerd. Picked on by many of the popular kids. When pushed to the edge, Jane makes an even larger fool of herself when she tries to use her powers on a fellow student yet, nothing happens.

A Russian doll is delivered to the mom character, who now works from home. They even call out how ‘free’ this has helped her become. This is also happening in the current real reality you and I occupy. The creators of ST4 also started sending these Russian dolls to real Russians in the real world as well.


This episode ends with two games being played at the same time. A game of Dungeons and Dragons and a game of basketball. They both win it in super slow motion. 20 on the dice, 8 on the jersey of our Bball player. Score 68 to 69, wins by 3 pointer.

Special K, Tic Toc Clock, Zombies w/ black eyes, Dream monster, If you die in the upside down you die here?

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