Did you ever see Pinocchio? The Disney version of the story has a scene where all the children who think they are grown up start to drink and find themselves turning into donkeys. This film was made before I was even born. 1940, 25 years before I was even a zygote in my mothers tummy. Yet it professionally predicted the time we find ourselves in now.

In mainstream America children do not grow up. The have the body of an adult but the mind cannot seem to span beyond sixteen years old. Maturity never sets in and responsibly is absolutely out of the question. Sex rules all and determines the happiness meter for many. I personally have a hard time with it all. Seeing it all when no one else does. It is a shame…

Peter pan meets captain hook.

Same story you know.

Sleep has left me a long time ago and dreams are out of the question. I fear that this constant has left me with no choice but to experience reality itself as a dream. A dream with far more substance and connectivity. One day I might even wake up. My mind being my master after all.

Searching is something that has come to consume me. Looking for answers that I may never find the answer to. This seems to me my life’s purpose. Leaving no master aside from my own conclusions. Once it has been determined to be something that in my world has been answered, I live it. No need to seek that anymore or question any longer.

Do you understand?

Being witness to the madness does not fix anything. The madness, if aware that you witness, will drive you out like an infection. The world is not full of concious beings. Only those who claim they are concious. It feels like a lie that will never find true truth and the world is ok with that. It in fact prides itself on that.

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