Team human, we are under siege. We are under the illusions of the dark masters of this universe and we need to undo this spell and strike the darkness down.

If we fail, our children die. There is no other outcome than to win this current war. You are the enemy. Freedom is the enemy and this enemy is surrounding any good soul left in this America the fallen. We alone can raise the flag to its original foundation.

The children are their food. 800K going missing in the USA alone each year. Not to mention all those babies coming across the boarder. They are being slotted to be slaughtered for the darkest magicians. CMU did not use the words “grand wizard” by accident. Although the bitch played it off as such.
(seen here:

You are being initiated into their circle. Their circle of carnivorous cannibals who are ready and willing to eat each other. In fact, that is their goal.

The wizards are casting, broadcasting to you daily, hourly, moment to moment. Telling you how to think, what to do and all the unconscious mind they could ask for. What we just witnessed with the tranny agenda being lifted up by Lockheed Martin, a weapons manufacturer, as the tip of their spear to attack free America with. #Freedom #LockheedMartinPride

Lockheed Martin using the gay community as a weapon.

You have been made into a weapon. As you detonate on the scene, the children are taught to mutilate their sex organs to align with Lockheed Martin’s vector of attack. Once you cut it off, it is gone and is being sold to the highest bidder. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars the medical community can suck out of each transition-er up to death. Death could be sooner than you think because 4 of 5 in this group are suicidal in nature. When they realize what they have done to themselves they will become death.

People, we must resist this. We should be shutting down these groups and their special protected status before it is too late. We are on the verge of too damn late.

This may be one of those things that can only be solved with prayer. So pray. When the large weapon manufacturers who build the big bombs and the big tanks turns to you and asks to sponsor your pride. YOU ARE INDEED THEIR NEW WEAPON. Suckers…

Will we all become the suckers or will the current batch of suckers actually wise up to this indoctrination? This is an attack. If you are free, you are the target.

Impact and Harm · Out On The Fields
This was in 2018, before you were made into a self-detonating weapon.

We must come together to overcome the current tyranny coming down on the people of the world. Our governments are clearly aligned against us. #lockstep #war #pride #weaponized

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