“Screaming from behind the cockpit Rodge forgot how to play blackjack. Hugo rushed toward the river and saved his life.”

Was that written by A.I.? One would have to wonder. Wonder is what makes the dream great. It is almost absurd to a degree. This life is much more than meets the eye. Each sensory organ is an input/output for the human experience.

Lockstep, walking in a order in life is what creates change in the world. So it would seem. I ask that you forget the traditional view of reality. It comes down to being a silver screen on steroids. We as the observer are able to see it yet when in groups of order forget it completely.

What is this idea of order? Will you conform to order or live as free as you can? The interpretation often becomes distorted as it transitions our understanding of what order is. It forms around us and dares to instruct us.

What you see isn’t always what is. Turn off the A.I. and be free from such gluttonous order. Wake up from the life you think you live. See yourself within the A.I. and know, yourself.

I guess the joke is on you to never know.
#AI #SilverScreen #Reality #YourSoul

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