So it all started with an apple, eh? One bite tripped us into falling into a world where we now program in bytes. What are we doing with the time we have living?

Did you ever notice that everything we do or create has to be done in a linear fashion? Everything seems to have unrelated purpose to everything else in this place.

What was this spine of a creature who brought us with it into knowing? Did we understand the absolute destination or journey that we would ultimately be exposed to? So many questions.

Here you are physical and obsess over material stuff. Even concepts have been made material and can be counted but have no volume. How many likes does it take to get to the destination? The goal line. How is it that the only thing that seems to matter are the things without matter.

Do you consider that you might not be what you have been turned into? The language you speak, the music you like, the colors you can count. This might all be a saturation of an illusion that only confuses the true you. You might even be fading away as you think you are gaining more.

I encourage “you” to provoke the unknown side that you came into this world owning. The part of you that is not your name. The you that you cannot use words to describe. Find that you and get back to me about who you are.

Will you find that your efforts are filled with worthless pursuit or will you understand that your only currency is a type of faith which is nonphysical? How will you know when you find you?

Lucky little snake hiding in the grass.
You said taste this knowing and fall fast.
Like yourself forever and vanity prevails.
Soak up all the failures until you hold still.

Life is a moment not a long list of years.
All you accomplish is lost when you fall.
Death surely comes forward and takes what it will.
That little sneaky serpent never served you well.

Does grace give peace, can it place faith, will you be saved from yourself?

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