Yes, it is a song but isn’t it also true? We try so hard to make sense of each day and even take on the character of the fool. Pretending to be capable of planning for our future. Giving money our attention so that we might acquire happiness through transaction.

Mad as fuck…

When giving this just an ounce of thought it reveals to me that the actual value in this mad world has nothing to do with dollars. Instead, this tunnel of thought leads me to believe that true value resides within our actual attention. Where we put it and how we respond to others attention.

Others, that is even a stranger to ourselves. We will never ever know what another feels, what they see or how they see it. We are doomed to be completely alone in our own span of attention.

Well ain’t that some shit…

This message is to the entire world so that some might see. If it is a possibility, I hope to share this sense of view with as many hue-man beings as humanly possible.

Keep trucking, keep singing and dance the dance of life as a solo show. The attention of the audience will thrive within the essence of feeling itself.

Be beautiful to each other.

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